Legislative Priorities

Fund Education

We must equip our teachers with the necessary tools to make students college or workforce ready upon graduation.  That includes letting teachers teach and investing in our vocational and technical programs.
The only way to do that is to fund education correctly and to be courageous on such an important issue.



As your leader, I pledge to work tirelessly to be an advocate for agriculture.  It must be preserved and protected for our new and young farmers.
It is also time for the water situation in West Texas to be addressed.  Simply put, no water, no clothes; no water, no people.
We must also accommodate farmers who want wind turbines and solar panels on their farms. It is simply common sense.
At one time, Texas had the best roads in the country.  That, unfortunately, is no longer the case. We need to invest in our roads, bridges, and pipes to make sure they meet current standards and are built to last.

First Responders

All first responders - EMS/Ts, Firefighters, Police Officers - deserve our respect and to be a priority.  They run into places civilians run out of and their association and pension rights must be preserved.